Laura La Rosa

Laura La Rosa is a proud Darug woman, originally from Western Sydney, now living on Wurundjeri land. She is Running Dog’s inaugural First Nations Emerging Critic. Laura is the founder of creative collective, Woolf Communications, a writer, producer, and graphic designer. Passionate about grassroots collectivism and storytelling, Laura’s work is focussed on fostering disruptive discourse and the elevation of vital voices through various mediums. Her work has appeared in SBS, The Big Issue, Kill Your Darlings, The Real, and Eureka Street.

White Feminism, Lifestyle TV, and the Shared Commodification of ‘Liberation’

By Laura La Rosa — 9 October, 2019

Laura La Rosa is Running Dog’s inaugural First Nations Emerging Critic—this is the first of three pieces to be published over the next four months.  •   •   • As feminists, radicals included, we are not exempt from the system of western capitalism. We are as much its vulgar subjects as we are its elite, a…