Poetry Micro-Residencies


By Shastra Deo — 29 October, 2019

Paper fortune tellers have gone by many different names: chatterboxes, cootie catchers, paku-paku. Invert the fortune teller and it becomes a salt cellar, the voids for fingers now fit for holding salt. Salt cellar: domestic, ready to serve the hungry, to preserve and purify. Salt cellar: evocative of the deposits used to encase America’s nuclear waste—its nuclear history.


By June Tang — 27 September, 2019

June Tang is Running Dog’s poet in residence for August and September. Each month, a poet produces new work, which is distributed via Running Dog’s monthly newsletter—Stray. If you haven’t already, sign up to our newsletter.   When corners in the sculpture pose problems we find a new way of making that is round, and all one…