12 August, 2020


Anthony Quintano, Mark Zuckerberg F8 2018 Keynote (2018) is licensed under CC BY 2.0. This image has been adapted to include live stream and demon elements.

Deadline: Wednesday 26th August (11:59pm AEST)

Running Dog is seeking proposals for LIVE STREAM NOW—our third issue in an ongoing series investigating four major concerns that are reshaping our world. You can read our second issue, Crowd the Revolution, via our special issues page.

All contributors will be paid for their work. Successful applicants will be notified by 31st August, and first drafts will need to be completed by 1st October.

Topics of discussion could include:

Disinformation campaigns / alt-right Twitter bots / anti-trust legislation / TikTok / body-cams / digital protests / press conferences / Bitsy games / Spotify / Sheryl Sandberg / election interference / tele-health / social media algorithms / pay per view / live music / de-platforming / WeChat / cyber espionage / unboxing videos / Jack Dorsey / game theory / Bla(c)k Twitter / streaming wars / fact checking / Google Analytics / PewDiePie / reality TV / going viral / YouTube radicalism / folklore / rabbit holes / News Corp / Reddit threads / Instagram Live / hackers / cable news / Bridgefy / Zoom bombing / live feeds / QAnon / Network / clickbait farms / Fake News / The Masked Singer / gifs / memes / Twitter threads / terms-of-service / video chats  / Silicon Valley / fake followers / Peter Thiel / live performance / call centres / stadium shows / conspiracy theories / spam / retweet culture / social media influencers / trolls / offshore call centres  / data mining / Cambridge Analytica / Fox News / live crosses / Mark Zuckerberg / FaceTime / Anonymous / data dumps / screen shots / social media addicts / media monopolies / tech-luddites / iTunes / end-to-end encryption.  

A key component of our special issue series is to bring together a disparate group of thinkers, activists, artists, musicians, coders, critics, scientists, and academics. We wish to breach the boundaries of what is termed ‘contemporary art’ because RD’s position has always been that art does not exist outside of the world-at-large. This call out is open to both local and international writers and artists, and submissions may include long-form essays, video, poetry, digital interfaces, fiction and creative non-fiction.

Running Dog particularly encourages submissions from diverse writers and artists, including First Nation, queer and/or trans writers, people of colour, and writers of all genders and abilities.

How to submit:

When submitting you will be asked for a short bio, a 250-word pitch, and two samples of writing and/or equivalent work. We’re very happy to discuss your application or any questions you may have before applying—please contact us at 


If you have difficulty accessing the online form, and would prefer to email your submission, please send it through to with ‘Live Stream Now Pitch’ in the subject header.


About Running Dog:

Running Dog is an online arts platform based in Sydney, Australia. We publish weekly articles about exhibitions and events taking place in Sydney and regional New South Wales. Running Dog believes in experimentation, playfulness and rigour in contemporary arts writing, and seeks to privilege nuance and contemplation in debate. We are committed to covering the work of emerging and established artists through circulating regular content about artist run spaces, collectives, commercial galleries, institutions, one-off events and festivals.

Running Dog acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land that facilitates the creation of this project. This land was never ceded and was taken by violence. We pay our respects to their elders past and present, and their descendants.