Audio Excerpts

This is a selection of audio excerpts from Crowd the Revolution and is best listened to with headphones


Speakers (in order):

Naomi Riddle, ‘Introduction’, Crowd the Revolution, (Running Dog 2020) 
Nikki Lam, ‘Departure for a Disjointed Reality’, Crowd the Revolution, (Running Dog 2020) 
Hana Pera Aoake & Morgan Godfery, ‘Manafesto (After Miriama Aoake)’, Crowd the Revolution, (Running Dog 2020)
Sanja Grozdanić, ‘I’d Rather Life Than Work’, Crowd the Revolution, (Running Dog 2020)
Alif Ibrahim, ‘Carrier Nodes’, Crowd the Revolution, (Running Dog 2020)
Brooke Scobie ‘Blak Parenting’, Crowd the Revolution, (Running Dog 2020)

Sound Credits:

‘Protest Sound Effects Climate Change Lisbon, Portugal’, (28/12/19), courtesy freetousesounds
Nikki Lam, ‘The Other Side of Harcourt Rd’ (2019) 
‘Waves on a quiet beach, South Island, New Zealand’, (10/03/12), courtesy freesound.  
‘Church bells, Antibes, France’, (11/10/19), courtesy freetousesounds.
‘City Streets, Paris, France’, (29/10/19), courtesy freetousesounds.
‘Insect Swarms, Bali’, (19/11/18), courtesy freetousesounds.

Sound Design:

Tim Bruniges