Amani Haydar

Amani Haydar is a writer, award-winning artist and former Archibald Prize finalist based in Western Sydney. Her writing and illustrations have been published in Arab Australian Other, Sweatshop Women Volume Two, SBS Voices and ABC News Online. In 2020 Amani was a Finalist for the NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year Award and was named Local Woman of the Year for Bankstown in recognition of her advocacy against domestic violence. Her forthcoming debut memoir The Mother Wound will be released in 2021.

Clusters of fruit and bombs

By Amani Haydar — 27 May, 2021

The hadith—The entrance to Paradise lies at your mother’s feet—is well-known among Muslims. Often quoted, the phrase symbolises the lofty and sacred status that mothers occupy in the spiritual wellbeing of individuals and society. Of course, motherhood, mother figures, and even motherlands, can also be volatile sites, shaped by complicated histories, violence, neglect or even…