Issue 3:

Live Stream Now

30 October, 2020

If Newton really thought that time was a river, then where is its source?
The source is the stream, with its current that flows backwards and upside down. A current that can be paused, re-watched, forwarded or downloaded direct to hard drive.
The stream, which is also a torrent, which is also a data pool.
The stream is now, although it isn’t your now, but their now, (the ones initiating the stream), because of the time difference, and it’s morning here and evening there *the day before* but it’s still right now, over there, and it’s right now, here, because it’s LIVE, direct-to-you, on your screen. We are all (a)live in this moment, with audio and video ON, but we are also not all (A)LIVE unless the flashing red light tells us so.
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I’M NOT A ROBOT, but right now I’m outside my body, or the shell of me is elsewhere and the real me is inside the stream, harvesting the follows, machine-learning ways to monetise and scale-up this skin-and-bones-body-of-mine so I can compress, encode, and transmit it to you in real-time (with extra info in the buffer).
I’M NOT A ROBOT, but the patron saint of the internet, who decided at the outset the kind of body I wished to escape from, then built the infrastructure in the shape of my own image, and then, later, launched the IPO. I’M NOT A ROBOT, but the ghost of Internets past—a hologram who found the edges of the digital multiverse—and I’m telling you to get in your wayback machine and find that other, older, archaic, janky, pixelated, low-res, web.
Remember: speedrun through your outlay costs and invest in a decent camera and AirPods™.
Remember: decide what brand fits best with your goals and don’t forget to mine user-generated Analytics to know your audience.
The data is unregulated; the money is exponential; the product is you.
Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own lying eyes?
But—oh!—the battery died, or—oh!—the WiFi timed out, or—sorry—you’ve run out of data, and so the offline world says: Here I Am. That other world of power points, hybrid fibre coaxial, air-conditioned server farms, and lithium-ion; that other world of pins and needles, blue light glasses, fingernails, and neck pain.
A question: If a stream keeps running after the connection dies, is it still (A)LIVE?