Bahar Sayed

Bahar Sayed is a first generation Afghan-Australian academic, writer, and multidisciplinary artist. In the experience of identity, Sayed’s work is attentive to her immersion in contrasting cultures and the conflicted sense of self that this creates. Her practice enjoys exploring the links between disparate ideas; sometimes threading nuanced comparisons, while other times desperately trying to find connection. Sayed’s academic work has been published in unMagazine 13.1. Her experimental text-based art and poetry was published by Heart of Hearts press, under a collection of artist works titled Healing Practices. Recently, her expressive essay was published as part of the Love edition of Runway Journal.

Man Amadeam (I Have Arrived)

By Bahar Sayed — 10 July, 2020

Afghanistan and Iran share a culture that predates the established perimeters of their respective national borders. They share a tongue that overcomes this division. In the twentieth century, both countries mirrored each other in both their struggles against imperialism and their shared rejection of monarchies. The Iranian revolution saw an Islamic movement topple the Persian…