Mohamed Chamas

Mohamed Chamas is an artist, game developer and poet based in Naarm (melbourne) who channels the 'dijital djinni'; a rewired/rewiring agent for practice-based research. Chamas' work calls upon magick and mysticisms of the ancient past to create fusion and synergy with emerging technologies. This diffractively interfaces with religious studies, ludology, performance, language, and critical and contemporary theory. Chamas' Virtual Reality (VR) works exist as unsurveilled sites of healing for orientalized bodies; namely سايبر تصوف (cyber tasawwuf) 2018 and باب القرين (Baab Al Qareen) 2020 .

unidentified_scroll _5°25′-24°56′

By Mohamed Chamas — 30 October, 2020

This scroll is best viewed on a desktop. Please note that this piece features an animated GIF image and a poem intended to be viewed simultaneously. For those reading on mobile, scroll right and left to move between columns. [stone] layered on stubborn stone  self-referential skeleton with engraved bones upon yourself, stacked   and before…