Nikki Lam

Nikki Lam is an artist, curator and producer based in Narrm/Birraranga (Melbourne). Working primarily with moving images, performance and installation, her work explores hybridity often through studies of rituals, language and representations, as well as the ephemeral medium of video. Born in Hong Kong, Nikki's research deals with the complexity of migratory expressions within and beyond the concept of diaspora. With an expanded practice in writing, exhibition and festival making, Nikki is currently Co-Director of Hyphenated Projects and associate producer at Next Wave, as well as a board member at NETS Victoria. She has been the Artistic Director of Channels Festival alongside many other roles in the arts.

Departure for a Disjointed Reality

By Nikki Lam — 10 July, 2020

This article is best viewed on a desktop. Please note that this piece is displayed in two columns and is designed as a parallel reading experience. For those reading on mobile, scroll right and left to move between columns.  Content warning: this article contains written and audio references to the Hong Kong protest movement and…