Paul Boyé & Grace Connors

Paul Boyé is a writer and artist working on Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia). Their research investigates the interface between media and intelligence, new materialist philosophy and future-oriented queer constructivism. Grace Connors is an artist, writer and performer working on Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia). She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in 2016, and her practice draws from film studies and the moving image to look critically toward systems of control, power structures and privilege through processes of storytelling and conversation.

One Bubble Can Burst Twice

By Paul Boyé & Grace Connors — 12 March, 2020

Five points for a future manifesto. The figure of slime: a communal broth of oozing creatures, sludgy cyborgs and other amorphous flotsam. At one point, something was larval, self-replicating, inchoate. Eventually, a space of concepts, expressions, bodies and tools were spat out. A goopy bootstrap, bodies pulling and kneading at the protean liquids pooling around…