Tiiu Meiner

Tiiu Meiner is a curator and writer based in Rotterdam, NL. Central to Meiner's work are social and political discourses revolving around the infrastructures of daily lived experiences, cultural norms, and perceptions of ideologies. She particularly focuses on debates concerning language as a technology, the entanglement between nature and culture, and the geo-politics of invisible infrastructures. Her multidisciplinary outcomes encompass poetry, essays, film and exhibition making.

Conspiring to Curate Conspiracies

By Tiiu Meiner — 30 October, 2020

Truths manifest in many different intensities and magnitudes. They fluctuate, in form and structure, to fit the relativity of the discourse. Taking on the role of justices or weapons, truths can morph, explode, disappear and hide. They exist within us, and without us. Conspiracy theories are potential truths. They rely on a ‘coherent’ logic to…