Writing with/about Desire

By Naomi Riddle

22 May, 2019

This is an audio recording of the panel discussion from Writing with/about Desire, the second of four public events in partnership with Verge Gallery.

Writing with/about Desire brought together Enoch Mailangi, Loc Nguyen, and Athena Thebus, in conversation with Em Size. The night gave each artist the opportunity to share excerpts of their work, before discussing the art of encountering and representing desire in ways that are intimate, provocative, reparative, subtle, bold, hot, social and solitary.

Excerpts from the following works were screened prior to the conversation:
Loc Nguyen, No Hurt, No Scar, (2018)
Athena Thebus, Deep Water Dream Girl, (2018)
Enoch Mailangi, Real Real #4, (2019)

Further event details can be found here.