Eleanor Zurowski

Eleanor Zurowski is interested in the question of how, why and what we consume. Their work uses text, sound and performance as modes of intervention and methods of futuring. They have contributed to Framework, Rabbit Poetry and Radiophrenia, are currently completing their Honours Degree in Fine Arts, and are involved in the New Age Noise program.

Soft Infrastructure

Connie Anthes and

Julia Bavyka

By Eleanor Zurowski — 26 March, 2019

This is a sonic response to Connie Anthes and Julia Bavyka’s exhibition Soft Infrastructure at Firstdraft and is best listened to with headphones. The exhibition considered how to ‘actively dismantle’ or ‘think away’ from the institution. Felt, as a material, is formed by ‘matting, condensing and pressing’ through ‘applying heat, moisture and friction to entangle…