Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung & Soo-Min Shim

Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung is an art critic based in Berlin, primarily concerned with imagining decolonial and non-Western frameworks for contemporary art and culture. Eugene writes for print and online publications such as Art+Australia, The Saturday Paper, 4A Papers, Griffith Review, PW-MAGAZINE and more. Eugene holds degrees in art history, gender studies and law from the University of Sydney. Soo-Min Shim is a writer living and working on stolen Ngunnawal and Ngambri land.

Complaint as Counteraction:

Disputing the Archibald Prize

‘You are heard as making a complaint; you are heard as being complaining. You are heard as expressing annoyance about something. Grumbling; grumble; grump; grumpy. You might be offering a careful critique. You might be taking care. It doesn’t matter how much care you take; how much time you take in assembling a case. It…