Olivia Bennett

Olivia Bennett is a Melbourne-based arts writer and critic interested in experimental practice with bylines in Overland Journal, Kill Your Darlings, Rough Cut and The Big Issue. Currently working as Social Media Co-ordinator for Senses of Cinema, she also supports Prototype and Static Vision with digital production. Olivia is a Melbourne International Film Festival Critics Campus alum and was a feature documentary panellist for their 68½ program. She received First-Class Honours in Screen Studies from Melbourne University and completed a Bachelor of Art History and Curating from Monash University.

Speak So I Can See You

Marija Stojnić

By Olivia Bennett — 4 September, 2020

This is an audio piece written in response to Marija Stojnić’s Speak So I Can See You. Press play on each LISTEN track in sequence within the text to hear the audio components or read the written transcripts provided as notes. •   •   •   Premiering in Australia at the 2020 Melbourne International Film Festival,…