Prue Gibson

Dr Prudence Gibson is an academic, and an art and fiction writer. Her BioArt book Janet Laurence: The Pharmacy of Plants was published in 2015. She has published fiction in Antipodes, Eureka Street, Etchings Journal and Blood. She is author of the art book The Rapture of Death (2010) and has had over 300 art essays/articles published in Heat, The Australian, Vogue, Australian Art Collector and Art Monthly etc. Her curated exhibitions are The Carpentry of Speculative Things, Alaska Projects (2013) and The Pharmacy of Love and Hate, MCA Artbar (2013).

Janet Laurence:

After Nature

By Prue Gibson — 29 March, 2019

Artist Janet Laurence’s multi-species survey exhibition has now launched at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Having exhibited work for over thirty years, Laurence presents a kind of secret charm that is difficult to define. It’s a combination of serious earnestness, childlike joy and fearful knowing. By this I mean that she has read the…