unidentified_ scroll_ 5°25'-24°56'

This scroll is best viewed on a desktop. Please note that this piece features an animated GIF image and a poem intended to be viewed simultaneously. For those reading on mobile, scroll right and left to move between columns.


layered on stubborn stone 

self-referential skeleton

with engraved bones

upon yourself, stacked


and before bedrock

a vitreous heart

enlightening the structure


what made you matter

what plans

what marrow


                   to see you in material


         echoing innards


various blood

for shifting icon


mirrored offering

with mountainous reverence

sent unto them was


a disappearing fracture

resonance delay

earthbound javelin


         راحت الكهربا


and the sunbathers toil

and the chthonic toss and turn

loosening joints


upon yourself, ruin

we call to deliver

from precarity


         like a bolt


by hand of [n/g]eo-mancers

imbuing rectangular blood

with javelins


desiring panoptics

for the megalithic image




                   to see you in territory


         screen soil


building visions

to trace infinities

between your columns


to dance and lustrate

in lithic matrices

filled with potency

         of his cosmic bolt


your entanglements remind

our blood is above ground

though bones have roots


         and the earth is non-human


         and transcendence

is no longer a choice


body [un/earth]ed

aberrated by new myths

with familiar levity 


bearing gravity

for your columns are unmatched

lifted by hidden ones


and hiding still

are your phantom cartographies

made of firmament dust



screens for astral reconnaissance




                   to see you in deep time