Running Dog is committed to providing opportunities for both emerging and established writers. We believe that arts writing is a creative act in itself, and Running Dog aims to move away from formulaic reviews. We encourage contributors to experiment with different modes of writing about contemporary art. It should also be noted that the term ‘contemporary art’ is being deployed widely here, and can include performances, films, books, online exhibition platforms and music events.

Writers are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the content and style of Running Dog before submitting pitch ideas. An outline of the publication’s ethos can be found in the ‘Letter from the Editor’ (February 2018) and ‘Letter from the Editor‘ (January 2019). 

Running Dog wishes to broaden the scope of contemporary arts writing, and current contributors include poets, music critics, film scholars and fiction writers. Previous experience working within the arts writing field is not required.

Please note that Running Dog is currently interested in reviews and feature articles on exhibitions or events taking place in Sydney and regional New South Wales. We do not publish profiles or artist interviews. Running Dog also aims to publish content whilst exhibitions are still on view – please consider such a timeline in your proposal. Writers are given a suggested word limit of 500-800 words, but such a limit is flexible following discussions with the editor. We are also open to multi-part series or extended features.

When submitting to Running Dog please include:

  • A brief bio or CV (no more than 1 page)
  • A pitch about what you want to write about, or alternatively, the areas of contemporary art that you would be interested in responding to and why
  • Two writing samples (no more than 3 pages in total)

Submissions should be sent to:

All writers are paid for their work.

Some of the writers that have inspired this publication are:
Hilton Als, Anne Boyer, Teju Cole, Wayne Koestenbaum, Wesley Morris, Eileen Myles, Mary Ruefle, James Schuyler and Zadie Smith.

Some of the publications that have inspired Running Dog are:
The Brooklyn RailContemptorary, CommuneHyperallergic, Kill Your DarlingsThe Lifted BrowMetatron Press, The New Inquiry, Real Life and Triple Canopy