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On Writing and Not Writing

By Naomi Riddle — 30 September, 2020

‘It was a time governed by contradictions, as in I felt nothing and I was afraid.’ Louise Glück, ‘Landscape’, Averno (2006) ‘When I say ‘I,’ when I say ‘my,’ I am behaving like a fruitfully messy lump.’ Wayne Koestenbaum, Figure It Out (2020)    Two weeks ago, I injured my right knee. Now, when I…

On Starting

By Naomi Riddle — 21 February, 2018

“Running Dog magazine.’  ‘Running Dog,’ he said. ‘Yes.’ ‘You people still in business?’ ‘Barely.’  ‘Capitalist lackeys and running dogs.’  ‘Someone remembers,’ she said.’ Don DeLillo, Running Dog (1978), p. 30  ‘There is no superiority in making things or in re-making things.’ Anne Boyer, Garments Against Women (2015), p. 20    In its first five months of publication Running…