Abdul Karim Hekmat

Abdul Karim Hekmat is a writer, journalist, photographer and curator, and regularly writes on asylum seeker and refugee issues. He has written for the Guardian, The Saturday Paper, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Monthly. He won the 2016 Humanitarian Award and was a finalist for the United Nations Media Peace Prize in 2017, and a finalist for the Walkley Freelance of the Year Journalist Award in 2018. He has participated in Sydney Writers Festival, the Melbourne Writers Festival and Emerging Writers’ Festival. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney.


Group Exhibition

By Abdul Karim Hekmat — 14 September, 2018

‘Modern Western culture is in large part the work of exiles, émigrés, refugees.’ Edward Said, ‘Reflections on Exile’ (1984)   In a half-darkened space at Blacktown Arts in Western Sydney, you see two vests hanging on the gallery wall. They are reminiscent of the vests worn by suicide bombers, and a few grenade-shaped objects protrude…