Diego del Valle Ríos

Diego del Valle Ríos is Editor-in-Chief of Terremoto magazine—a publication focused on the dissemination of critical thinking around contemporary art in the continent invented ‘America’—and a member of the Círculo Permanente de Estudios Independientes [Permanent Circle of Independent Studies] (CIPEI, in its Spanish acronym) as part of its program Menos Foucault Más Shakira focused on the study of trans/feminism, decolonial and kuir knowledge.

Soft Dick Moments

By Diego del Valle Ríos — 16 October, 2020

Tell me how to rescue our intimacy from this barrage of symbols this need to create a meaning out of ‘i’ that totally consumes any consummation of a ‘we’ Lyra Pramuk, Elevate, (2017)   The spectre of a soft dick haunts the white cube. A little over a year ago, my friends from Salón Silicón,…