Claire Cao & Michael Sun

Claire Cao is a freelance writer from Western Sydney. She is a fiction editor for Voiceworks and a member of Sweatshop: Western Sydney Literacy Movement. You can check out her work in The Lifted Brow, SBS Life, Rough Cut and Ibis House. Michael Sun is a writer and designer from Sydney whose work deals with the intersections between technology, film, queerness, and memory. He has written for Guardian Australia, The Monthly, VICE and Overland, and tweets @mlchaelsun.


Lina Maria Mannheimer

By Claire Cao & Michael Sun — 27 March, 2020

Mating (2019) is a documentary that screened as part of Hyperlinks Festival in February. The film, directed by Lina Maria Mannheimer, follows two millennials on their online dating (mis)adventures, and their relationship is laid bare. Delving into how identity is often constructed online—sometimes to an obsessive degree—Mating explores how technology and performativity influence conversations and…