Nanette Orly

Nanette Orly is a curator based in Sydney. She is currently Co-Director of artist-run initiative Cold Cuts Projects Space, Board Member of Runway Australian Experimental Art and a participant in the 4A Creative Studio residency.

The First Wave

NIRIN: 22nd Biennale of Sydney

By Nanette Orly — 22 May, 2020

The 22nd Biennale of Sydney (BoS) attracted much anticipation and excitement in 2018, not only in the appointment of Wiradjuri artist Brook Andrew as artistic director, but also for the First Nations title and theme of NIRIN—a Wiradjuri word that can be translated to ‘edge’. Finally, after forty-seven years since the BoS’s inception, this international…

Independent Curating:

A written response

By Nanette Orly — 14 June, 2019

Independent Curating // Challenges, Concepts + Collabs was developed to share real-life experiences from a variety of independent curators, based in both Sydney and Melbourne, with an audience of curatorial students, emerging curators and other interested parties. Panellists included: Tahjee Moar, Tian Zhang, Kōtare, Sebastian Henry-Jones, Maeve Parker, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Andy Butler and Talia Smith….