Suzanne Claridge

Suzanne Claridge is an emerging arts writer/researcher working and living on Gadigal land (Sydney). She is currently a Master of Research candidate at Macquarie University. Her current research focuses on forms of representation and feminist activism to explore gender, class, and race relations in historical imperial contexts.


curated by Shivanjani Lal

By Suzanne Claridge — 18 September, 2020

‘The ancestors curl and dry to scrolls of parchment. They lie like texts waiting to be written by the children’ David Dabydeen, Coolie Odyssey (1988)    How deep into these pixelated geographies can I possibly go? I ask myself this as I bury the cursor into Google Earth’s digital dirt, until the screen is an assemblage…


White Rabbit Gallery

By Suzanne Claridge — 14 February, 2020

Then adverb 1. at that time; at the time in question. 2. after that; next; afterwards. Marking White Rabbit Gallery’s tenth anniversary, Then is an exhibition showcasing contemporary Chinese art acquired by Judith Neilson between the years 2000 to 2010. It’s worth noting that every artwork in the White Rabbit Collection has been made after…