Tim Marvin

Tim Marvin is an emerging curator and artist from (Western) Sydney/Darug. Currently undertaking an honours year for the Bachelor of Art Theory at UNSW Art & Design, he also holds positions at Smith & Singer (formerly Sotheby's Australia) and Riverside Parramatta. Recent artistic and curatorial projects have been included at the Kudos Gallery, The Waiting Room Project, un Magazine and Tim Olsen Drawing Prize.

Disproof does not equal Disbelief

Michael Stevenson

By Tim Marvin — 20 March, 2020

‘Drum Shield Affordance Extension 1.1 Extravehicular Activity’ (2020): Noah’s Ark, a 4.8-billion-year-old moon rock, ‘One Bad Snake’, the High Flight Foundation, Mary Irwin’s The Moon Is Not Enough: An Astronaut’s Wife Finds Peace with God and Herself (1978), a 3D render of the Boeing-manufactured Apollo 15 LRV deck module, a Creation Ministries International business card,…