Vanessa Berry

Vanessa Berry is a writer who works with history, memory and archives. She is the author of three books, most recently Mirror Sydney, a collection of essays and hand-drawn maps that investigate the city's marginal places, undercurrents, and the changing urban landscape. It is based on the blog Mirror Sydney which she has been writing since 2012. Vanessa is also the author of two memoirs, Ninety9 and Strawberry Hills Forever, as well as the zine series I am a Camera. She is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney.

Autumn Almanac

Simon Yates

By Vanessa Berry — 22 February, 2019

This text is in dialogue with the exhibition Autumn Almanac at KNULP, and is the next instalment in RD’s feature series of paratextual responses. Imagine a library as wide as it is tall, as deep as it is wide, with narrow corridors in between the shelves, all of which are packed tightly with books. This was…