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Washing the Dishes:

Reflections on Anne Boyer’s The Undying

By Jennifer Hamilton — 31 July, 2020

‘Cancer messed with the wrong bitch’ is an actual phrase printed on real t-shirts. ‘You got this’ is something people say to acquaintances who announce their diagnoses on Instagram. Both slogans intend to cast the sick person as the victor of a battle, but the battle doesn’t really exist. Moreover, as toneless words on a…


Bri Lee

By Laura La Rosa — 18 December, 2019

Laura La Rosa is Running Dog’s inaugural First Nations Emerging Critic—this is the second of three pieces to be published over a period of four months. You can read Laura’s first piece here.  My friend Sophie stopped shaving her legs. It was hardly revolutionary, but men did stare. I saw it for myself. We worked on…