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Resistance Is Futile

By Andrew Sutherland — 25 November, 2020

…in the images that collected around […] disease one can see emerging a modern idea of individuality that has taken in the twentieth century a more aggressive, if no less narcissistic, form. Sickness was a way of making people “interesting” […] “The ideal of perfect health,” Novalis wrote in a fragment from the period 1799—1800,…

On Repair

By Naomi Riddle — 29 May, 2020

‘Quarantine didn’t just take things away; it revealed—with a harsh, unrelenting clarity—what had already been lost.’ Leslie Jamison, ‘When the world went away, we made a new one’, New York Times Magazine, (19/05/20)   The world of Covid-19 is a world where Donald J. Trump rolls the dice on a re-election bid and decides 100,000…

Uncivil Optimism:

words and images in times of pestilence

By Diego Ramirez — 15 April, 2020

In 1531, the Nahua Juan Diego was rushing through the Tepeyac Hill of colonial Mexico to attend his uncle’s deathbed when a celestial vision emerged from the miasma: la Virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe). Juan Diego felt frightened by the sight of this powerful divinity, and promptly explained the nature of his uncle’s…