Audrey Pfister & Eleanor Zurowski

As a full-time friend, part-time gallery coordinator, and Runway Journal board member, Audrey Pfister writes, curates, edits, and makes mixtapes. They spend most their time across Gadigal and Thawaral lands. Eleanor Zurowski is interested in the question of how, why and what we consume. Their work uses text, sound and performance as modes of intervention and methods of futuring. They have contributed to Framework, Rabbit Poetry and Radiophrenia, are currently completing their Honours Degree in Fine Arts, and are involved in the New Age Noise program.

A Continuous Self-Vibrating Region Of Intensities

Gail Priest

& Thomas Burless

By Audrey Pfister & Eleanor Zurowski — 13 December, 2019

We started writing this piece a month ago on the Gadigal land of the Eora Nation, in a week where over seventy fires burned across (so called) New South Wales. We would like to extend our gratitude and acknowledgement to the insects, animals, plant life, waters, people and bodies of knowledge that have cared for…