Chloe Watfern

Chloe Watfern is a writer, researcher and artist. As a writer, she has contributed to publications like Overland, Runway and Artist Profile. As a researcher, she is completing a PhD at UNSW Art & Design on the work of organisations that support neurodiverse artists and makers. As an artist, she makes collage and digital work, sometimes in collaboration with Tony Coleing as Techloony.

Illuminating the Wilderness

Project Art Works

By Chloe Watfern — 16 October, 2019

The social organism is a scribbled line. It’s a line passed from hand to hand across a big sheet of paper. It means nothing and everything. Deep in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), behind the double glass doors of the National Centre for Creative Learning, a man is drawing a rocket. The rocket is…