Daniel Press

Daniel Press is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher living in Sydney. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours Class 1 from UNSW, where he is currently undertaking a PhD. His practice typically examines how Australian mythology is conceived and maintained over time, using blends of textiles and painting. He has exhibited at AD Space, Contact Sheet, Down/Under Space, Fringe HQ, Gaffa, Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Space, and UNSW Galleries.

We should be more afraid of the sun than the moon

Anna Louise Richardson

By Daniel Press — 28 April, 2020

Anna Louise Richardson is raising the seventh generation of her family on a cattle farm in country Western Australia, south of Perth. Unbeknownst to her children, looming dangers prowl the inside and outside of their homestead. Her fears surrounding the safety of her children, inherited from family histories as well as her own parenting experiences,…