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We should be more afraid of the sun than the moon

Anna Louise Richardson

By Daniel Press — 28 April, 2020

Anna Louise Richardson is raising the seventh generation of her family on a cattle farm in country Western Australia, south of Perth. Unbeknownst to her children, looming dangers prowl the inside and outside of their homestead. Her fears surrounding the safety of her children, inherited from family histories as well as her own parenting experiences,…

On Pencils

By Naomi Riddle — 28 February, 2020

‘The space between art for others and art for the self must be simultaneous, contradictory, vulnerable: slanted.’ Terrance Hayes, To Float in the Space Between (2018), p. 113-4     I am not writing to you about Bridget McKenzie or the sports rort scandal or pork barrelling. I am not writing to you about ministerial…