Erin McFadyen

Erin McFadyen is a critic, poet, and educator living on unceded Gadigal land. Her interests include weird affects, marxist-feminism, ecopoetics and lyric studies. She’s currently Principal Writer at Artist Profile, and her work can also be found in Overland, Sudo Journal, The Mascara Review, Art & Australia, The Cambridge Review of Books, and elsewhere. She runs a creative non-fiction reading group, and speaks about animals in contemporary lyric poetry for a forthcoming episode of the Australasian Post-Humanities podcast.

Dream Sequence

Urban Theatre Projects

By Erin McFadyen — 11 November, 2020

At the beginning of Urban Theatre Projects’ multi-part series Dream Sequence, Brian Fuata intones, knowingly: ‘welcome again to the digital realm.’ Following Fuata, I want to think about the ways that Dream Sequence holds the dreamlike and the digital together as a cognate pair, collapsing the distinction between the ordinary, intelligible surfaces of our waking…