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Dream Sequence

Urban Theatre Projects

By Erin McFadyen — 11 November, 2020

At the beginning of Urban Theatre Projects’ multi-part series Dream Sequence, Brian Fuata intones, knowingly: ‘welcome again to the digital realm.’ Following Fuata, I want to think about the ways that Dream Sequence holds the dreamlike and the digital together as a cognate pair, collapsing the distinction between the ordinary, intelligible surfaces of our waking…


James Nguyen and Victoria Pham

By Sheila Ngoc Pham — 24 July, 2020

This piece is the third in a five-part series of responses for BLEED—an online biennial festival from Arts House and Campbelltown Arts Centre. This article was written in response to James Nguyen and Victoria Pham’s ‘re:sounding’ (2020), which you can view here.    Arrangements /əˈreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nts/ 1. The actions, processes, or results of arranging or being arranged….

The land between us:

On James Nguyen’s ‘Portion 53’

By Soo-Min Shim — 7 June, 2019

This is the third instalment of Running Dog’s feature series responding to individual works in The National 2019: New Australian Art—on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and curated by Isobel Parker Philip (AGNSW), Daniel Mudie Cunningham (Carriageworks), Clothilde Bullen and Anna Davis (MCA).    After…