Neha Kale

Neha Kale is a writer, journalist and cultural critic. She writes features, criticism and essays about art, culture, people and places and her work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum, The Saturday Paper, SBS Life, the Guardian, VICE, ABC, Broadsheet and many more. She is the former editor of VAULT magazine.

I’ll Be Your Body Instrument

Chicks on Speed

By Neha Kale — 15 November, 2019

1.  A Saturday evening at Carriageworks. A trestle table topped with gin bottles. Friends huddle in neon jumpsuits. Their murmurs bounce off the walls of the old railway yard, recreating the push-pull anxiety of walking into a high-school disco before it starts. Chicks on Speed’s Alex Murray-Leslie appears on stage, cocooned in a cloud of…