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From the other side of the horizon

By Hannah Jenkins — 28 August, 2020

From my apartment window, the neat rows of terracotta roofs snake away from me towards the city skyline. The horizon is a jumble of old brick and new glass, with toothpick cranes dotted about, slowly replacing the brick with the glass.  If I take a step back and squat down, the succulent plant on the…

When devices go bump in the night

screensaver watching you

By Lara Chapman — 17 July, 2020

A digital yellow fish swims slowly across my laptop screen, and some coded bubbles rise from the slightly pixelated coral in the bottom corners. This retro screensaver-style homepage is my first encounter with the online exhibition screensaver watching you, hosted by Off Site Project (April 16 – July 19, 2020).  I begin reading the curatorial…

Press esc to exit full screen

Hannah Brontë

By Anne-Marie Te Whiu — 3 July, 2020

This piece is the first in a five-part series of responses for BLEED—an online biennial festival from Arts House and Campbelltown Arts Centre. This poem was written in response to Hannah Brontë’s ‘mi$$-Eupnea’ (2020), which you can view here.        Press  esc  to exit full screen   ”  shift  to face ”  delete  to dive ”  caps lock  to grow ”  return  to open…

Net Art Roulette:

On Press Refresh

By Lara Chapman — 9 April, 2020

➪ I press refresh A video starts buffering on my screen. A blurry beige shape comes into focus, revealing the upper thighs of a woman. She is wearing a pair of saggy nude coloured underpants. At the top of her legs, a pair of superimposed eyebrows rise and fall, rise and fall. I chuckle. It’s…