Amelia Zhou

Amelia Zhou is an arts worker and writer living in Sydney. She also edits non-fiction for Voiceworks. Her interests lie in contemporary dance, the interplay between poetics and the moving body, and performance as a tool for decolonial futurities. Previously published works have appeared in Sydney Morning Herald, Peril Magazine, Ibis House and more.

Club 4A

Curated by Mathew Spisbah

and Rainbow Chan

By Amelia Zhou — 18 June, 2019

I am dancing in the club and thinking how many times I’ve gone out wishing I’d stayed in. Earlier, I read Summer Kim Lee’s article on obliged forms of sociability. Her conception of ‘staying in’ is a refutation against the exhaustive demand to be active in any given moment. It can be a politics of…

One Infinity



By Amelia Zhou — 13 February, 2019

It’s easy to forget how to listen. To listen deeply, that is. I’m reminded of this at One Infinity, a collaborative performance by Playking Productions, Jun Tian Fang, Beijing Dance Theatre and Dancenorth. I’m reminded of attentiveness, or how to listen in order to feel—to be swept up inside the layers of a live moment….