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By John Citizen — 6 December, 2019

ARRIVALS & ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES On the way to the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) I pass three things: the New South Wales Police Force Wall of Remembrance; a Navy officer (walking to work); and, a bronze statue inscribed with the text ‘the offerings of war.’ BUILDINGS & BREAK-ROOMS Before…

The Eternal Opening

Mike Parr

By Fiona McGregor — 20 November, 2019

‘I am fascinated by dualisms, mirror images, blindness and invisibility, subject/object reversals, the roles of artist and audience and all my work, since my earliest performances of the 1970s exacerbates such tensions, as the deeper structure of both thought and image.’ Mike Parr, (January 1998)   Entering the space, you see a large rectangular installation…

Unbearable Darkness

Choy Ka Fai

By Claire Cao — 13 November, 2019

I.        PANG Communicating with ghosts is simple in theory.  Dying is like stepping off a tarmac and on to foreign soil, my parents said in Mandarin. You’ll be severed from your bed, the grocery shops you know best, the people you love—no landmark in sight, save the cloudy bulk of winter sky….

Marama Dina

Group Exhibition

By Rima Martens — 22 October, 2019

train rides out become a train ride home i stepped inside the tall ceilings and found     not an exhibition house but a breathing body  here she rests                    the rowing woman this meeting house is her womb my lover and i take off our shoes found…

White Feminism, Lifestyle TV, and the Shared Commodification of ‘Liberation’

By Laura La Rosa — 9 October, 2019

Laura La Rosa is Running Dog’s inaugural First Nations Emerging Critic—this is the first of three pieces to be published over the next four months.  •   •   • As feminists, radicals included, we are not exempt from the system of western capitalism. We are as much its vulgar subjects as we are its elite, a…

A sonic boom, then silence:

On Sandra Selig’s ‘Content in a Void’

By Genevieve Trail — 12 July, 2019

This is the final instalment in Running Dog’s feature series responding to individual works in The National 2019: New Australian Art—on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and curated by Isobel Parker Philip (AGNSW), Daniel Mudie Cunningham (Carriageworks), Clothilde Bullen and Anna Davis (MCA).     …